Blair, a passionate lover of music, grew up in a small town singing mainly CCR tunes with her dad at a young age for weddings, church and family events.  It was not until her 2nd grade teacher spontaneously had her stand up on a desk and sing in front of the entire eighth grade class, that she truly developed a passion for performing music. Blair performs with the 215th Army Band, touring and playing for the Governor and up to an audience of over 66,800 people.  She has been coined for her performance of the National Anthem by the Governor and Generals over 20 times.  A few of the venues she's played at are Symphony Hall, Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, and for Generals privately, several times a year.  She has also performed at jazz venues such as “Smalls,” in New York City, venues all over Boston, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey and Rhode Island, as well as at breweries/bars/weddings all over New England.  Her passion has led her to receive airplay along with her previous band Lux with their second CD (Fat City), on internet radio station Mark Skin radio, and on the radio, 92.5.  She was also featured in the 6th Annual International radio day in Zurich, Switzerland, and was reviewed in the current edition "The Noise" magazine by Shauna Erlbaum.  She has recorded 3 original albums, "Fat City," Five Mile Smile," and "BFourYouGo."

    With her abilities as a vocalist, she was able to translate some of that knowledge onto a second voice; the saxophone.  Beginning the saxophone came much more differently than vocals, however. She would love to say that it was a natural way for her at first, and was inspired by a player and love of jazz and that the interest came naturally at a young age.  However; that is not the case.  The saxophone came late, harsh, and plowing into Blair's life, but it quite frankly saved her.  

    She joined the military band in 2013 with the intent of singing for the 215th Army Band; however, when there were no military jobs for vocalists, she took alternative routes. The Army band had her join the unit and train as a supply specialist where she would learn and grow from them musically on the side. When the United States was getting involved in Syria encounters, a Massachusetts unit was called for that deployment.  They were also in need of a supply specialist and SPC Leavitt was the only supply specialist available at the time.  Her duties as an Army Soldier were priority over her personal life; however, she found an alternative route.  A risky route. She needed to learn an instrument well enough to pass a series of Army Band auditions and change her job from supply specialist to an actual Army musician.  She wanted nothing more than to be viewed as a musician period, and with encouragement from her command, she turned her fear into determination, locked herself in a practice room, and fell in love with the saxophone in the process.

"One of their sax players, the only gal in the band, also sings on a few tracks, and her voice is incredible, like a more mature Suzanne Vega maybe. (Musicians, listen up: your vocalist makes or breaks a band. This is not an area to trifle with.) Great singers are very rare, but this gal is fantastic."
-Shauna Erlbaum ("The Noise" Magazine)
-commenting on LUX the band's CD, "Fat City"

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